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UGR has been nominated as a top FinTech company by Daily Finance, an honor to be among top picks for the best New Jersey based FinTech (Financial Technology) companies.

We have been selected from cutting edge startups to established brands for exceptional performance in innovation, growth, management leadership and societal impact.

This nomination is exciting to us because it highlights the interesting, innovative and unusual work that we're doing at UGR, which is changing the way to manage compliance and digital challenges. Our platform provides efficient and customized compliance solutions and eliminates compliance risk by connecting businesses with top Next-Gen Compliance Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and top-tier RegTech solutions that cover compliance risk in multiple jurisdictions. We are delighted to provide hassle free compliance solutions to companies and cannot wait to show your more on our developments.

This article can be found here :

Thank you Daily Finance for your support!


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