AML Challenges and Technology Solutions

April 2018


The emergence of regtech solutions brings new avenues to facilitate compliance and overall AML efficiencies, offering  promising options to improve processes that can prevent many system vulnerabilities. 

This white paper discusses technological advances for today’s AML challenges: customer screening, transaction monitoring, and cryptocurrencies, outlining areas where specifically they are most effective. It will reflect on the role of subject matter expertise (SME) to support companies implementing these programs in light of the most pressing AML issues.

Authored By:

Hourad Afsar, CAMS

Diana Barrero Zalles, Yale MBA

Personal Liability or Talent Drain

May 2016


The industry trend has seen compliance officers at financial institutions personally liable and at a greater personal risk than in the past, resulting in monetary penalties and criminal prosecutions by regulatory and enforcement agencies. Compliance officers are more vulnerable than ever in their day-to-day operations and talented professionals are moving their way out of the industry.  


This article highlights what can compliance officers do to protect themselves against personal liability and also where is the right balance.

This article was originally published on ACAMS Today on May 9th 2016

Authored By:

Hourad Afsar, CAMS

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