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The blockchain space has grown extremely rapidly and has the potential to keep doing so across industries and sectors.  In order to become mainstream, it is extremely important to establish the necessary safeguards to make operations sustainable in the long run, and to create a sense of trustworthiness.  We aim to be a key catalyst to establish safeguards that will help unlock promising investments to foster expansion in this space.


Blockchain enterprises are cautioned to be wary of their AML/KYC risks, and thus to take appropriate due diligence processes.  If you’re part of a lean team, you may need some help to tackle AML/KYC requirements, beyond just making sure that individuals are whom their passport says they are. 

We can help you comply with these requirements and set the right safeguards, so you can easily enjoy the benefits of:

  • A stamp of legitimacy to your project or endeavor and its participants, to be shown to regulators and banks

  • More opportunities to be included in cryptocurrency exchanges

  • Avoiding the headache of being investigated by authorities

  • Reaching a larger global audience with the right controls in place


Security Token Offerings (STOs)

We help cryptocurrency startups that want to raise capital through an STOs to get their AML/KYC right.  If you’re raising funds through digital tokens for an entrepreneurial endeavor using blockchain technology, we can help you screen investors participating in your token offering, so you can be sure you don’t accept risky individuals onto your platform.  Depending on the nature of your project, whatever your other financial crime risks may be, we can also set procedures for you to remain compliant and stay out of trouble for the long run.


Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We help cryptocurrency exchanges follow compliant procedures.  If you’re operating an exchange, you may be worried about your risk of exposure to illegal fund movements within your platform without you knowing it.  Transaction monitoring technologies and advisory on procedures for case management are something we can deliver for you to ensure the safety of your platform.  We can also help you assess new and existing participants of your exchange, both individuals and legal entities, to ensure they don’t pose a financial crime. We offer the best crypto compliance solutions and services to exchanges around the world.


Digital Wallets

We help digital wallets stay safe for their users.  If you store public and private keys used to send and receive cryptocurrencies, you may be worried about exposure to privacy protection risks.  Subject matter advisory can help you delineate programs for an overall risk-based approach, with adequate procedures to keep you out of trouble and regulatory scrutiny.  We can add regtech tools to monitor fund flows, as well as screen individuals, so you cover all your bases in terms of financial crime risk.




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