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UGR Consulting LLC provides leading Subject Matter Expert (SME) advisory and Regtech Solutions to mitigate financial crime exposure and vulnerability to regulatory scrutiny.  We aim to overcome our clients’ reputational risk and financial crime challenges by customizing solutions, combining automated technologies and analytical expertise tailored to specific needs.  



Our approach is a holistic solution to risk.  We are a network platform of top-tier technologies and premium Subject Matter Experts with proven years of international experience delivering superior results to clients.  By combining industry expertise with the right risk-based methodology, technology and smart practices, we ensure our clients make the best use of the tools we deliver. Our innovative advisory solutions and next-generation technology can help you meet your ultimate business objectives, in accordance with all applicable regulations, in the most efficient way possible. With our user-friendly tools, you can quickly and easily contain risks related to the constant stream of financial crime threats, fraud, and laws and regulations that we are increasingly facing.  


The business and regulatory environment is continuously evolving, and organizations need to have the right answers to navigate this with success in a complex and demanding context.  While this can be overwhelming, we offer access to experts who have overcome these very challenges: individuals vetted for their level of insight, who can cover even niche areas of risk and can guide you in the best use and calibrations of technologies.



Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled service by imparting our knowledge and proficiency to help you achieve your business objectives while mitigating overall risk.  We take special focus in developing long-lasting relationships with our clients throughout the process. We don't just render services, we offer effective solutions tailored to your unique situation and challenges.




We proudly work with clients in financial services, fintech, regtech, blockchain and cryptocurrencies space as well as with digital Startups, private equity, consulting firms and businesses across various industries.

Our Values






Client focused






We’ve vetted the best regtech solutions and can help you identify what’s best suited for you. You don’t have to spend time and money choosing among different vendors that may charge much higher prices, provide legacy systems, and still rely on internal manual processes without you knowing it. Our tools provide fully automated investor and customer screening, as well as transaction monitoring applications with perfect calibration and analytics.


We give you access to the best SMEs in the industry, experts on matters intersecting compliance, blockchain, and technical implementation. Our experts include Chief Compliance Officers, Bank Compliance and Risk Executives, Senior Compliance Officers, AML & KYC experts, General Counsels, Bank Regulators, Law Enforcement officials, Data Scientists and Seasoned Consultants. They are well equipped to develop solid crypto compliance programs, enhanced due diligence procedures, and define actions to take in risky situations.

the team

Meet The Team

Hourad Afsar UGR.jpg

Hourad Afsar

Founder | CEO


Al Pacheco

Business Development


Matthew Lancellotti

Software Engineer


Advisory Board

Peter Gustavsson


Salil Gupta

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