What is it?

Blockchain technology is now being called the “next evolution” of computing by many experts, with new companies looking to the blockchain to solve problems across a wide spectrum of uses and industries.


We think blockchain could be the answer to increasingly tough anti-money laundering (AML) statutes and enterprise risk management requirements with its distributed ledger technology and transparency.  The benefits of blockchain include security, encryption, immutability, real-time information, and a trusted repository for identification purposes.


What are our Blockchain/Cryptocurrencies services?

Mitigate your platform’s money laundering and terrorist financing risks and increase your capacity to meet regulatory expectations for reliable programs and controls. 

We can deliver top-notch strategies to ensure the right risk-based approach on the blockchain with the following:

  • Crypto Compliance Policy for a well-defined, established and updated program separate from existing BSA/AML policy; governance and responsibilities appropriately delegated alongside a committee for program oversight; quantifiable metrics, monthly reporting, and tracking to be presented regularly to the committee and the Board

  • Assessment of full compliance with AML policies and procedures, addressing applicable regulatory requirements for the blockchain & cryptocurrencies

  • Money Service Business (MSB) Risk Assessments evaluating all risk factors involved with scoring/rating of each component

  • Digital Due Diligence to ensure that the Customer Information Program (CIP)/Know your Customer (KYC) program in place is adequate

  • BitLicensing for virtual currency business activities in New York

  • AML expertise for cases where internal resources will not suffice, such as advisory for high-risk lines of business, geographies, and situations

  • Monitoring of suspicious activities and transactions


How does it work?

We will assess your risk exposure and offer customized advisory and next-generation technology to meet your needs.  We direct you toward technologies that are specifically designed for your operations. 

Our Subject Matter Expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of financial crime risks and compliance, and can help you lay out the strategy best suited for your platform. 

That way we can offer you a menu of solutions that together can meet all your financial crime challenges.


In order to navigate today’s regulatory expectations on the blockchain, you require skilled and seasoned AML professionals with knowledge and experience in the blockchain/cryptocurrency industry, who are capable of implementing and executing AML compliance programs. 

If your team functions as a lean startup focusing on developing your blockchain product, we are here to support you on the compliance side.  Our Subject Matter Expert advisory engagement contracts deliver you an executive and high-level professional with demonstrated leadership as Chief Compliance Officer, blockchain and technical expert to set up your compliance programs and ensure you fulfill all regulatory obligations.


We can also provide temporary staffing in the following cases:


  • Need for expertise in short term projects

  • Need for interim assistance for key staff and management

  • Workload increases that staff cannot manage


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