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Your organization’s reputation is everything: with your customers and employees, the public, regulators as well as with your partners, suppliers, agents or distributors.

The way you manage your risk is what keeps you in business and defines your growth

and success. 


Financial crime has increasingly become over the last 30 years a major concern for governments and regulators throughout the world. It is a real threat for the safety, integrity and soundness of financial institutions, corporations and even small businesses. 

C-level Executives, corporate directors as well as Business owners/investors fear non compliance resulting in severe fines and penalties, direct losses and reputational damage.


UGR will help your organization manage its overall reputational and AML/KYC risk as well offer a holistic and integrated approach to Financial Crime. To do so in a cost-effective and efficient way requires great scrutiny with depth of knowledge, skills and experience. 


We also offer unique cost-effective engagements solutions to our clients including flexible and remote working options reducing traditional onsite and traveling costs.


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