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Your organization’s reputation is everything: with your customers and employees, the public, regulators as well as with your partners, suppliers, agents or distributors. The way you manage your risk is what keeps you in business and defines your growth and success. 

UGR has years of unique experience working with emerging technologies and compliance solutions. Our network-based platform provides companies with top subject matter experts (SMEs) and state-of-the-art regulatory technology solutions to cover the full spectrum of compliance risk in multiple jurisdictions.


The business environment is continuously evolving and keeping track of changes is not an easy feat with tighter regulations and compliance turning digital. We are passionate tech and compliance professionals helping Financial Institutions, corporates and emerging technologies with compliance expertise.


We want businesses to get the right expertise to grow and succeed but not fail for non-compliance resulting in severe fines and penalties, direct losses and reputational damage. Having a culture of compliance, oversight and proper roadmap is key to organizations growth that are subject to increasingly punitive fines in cases of Know Your Customer (KYC) or AML Compliance negligence. Compliance is often complex , so it is critical to ask for expertise before onboarding any important decisions.

Here at UGR, we will help organizations navigate with success complex regulations, compliance and AML/KYC requirements needed in their growth journey. We have some of the finest industry experts covering multiple jurisdictions and work with leading and vetted compliance to meet our client’s full requirements. 


We offer unique cost-effective engagements solutions through Compliance As a Service (CaaS), a flexible pay-as-you-need subscription-based plan allowing companies to plan, prioritize, and execute all their strategic compliance projects and technology initiatives while matching their budget.  


We have built a trust ecosystem with a track record of success helping Banks, Fintech and Crypto businesses with AML and KYC Compliance, combining industry expertise with adapted regulatory technology and best practices.

Financial Crime Compliance


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