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What is it?

Regulatory Technology (RegTech) utilizes innovative technologies to facilitate compliance with regulatory requirements and address regulatory challenges across financial services.  The digitalization of manual processes offers significant cost savings and increased efficiency, with real-time and proportionate solutions that can better identify and addresses risks while delivering more efficient methods for AML compliance.  RegTech solutions may be best tailored to suit the nature of operations of financial technologies.


What are our RegTech services?

Mitigate your platform’s financial crime risk while increasing your capacity to meet regulatory expectations for reliable programs and controls with automated, next-generation technologies.  We can identify, classify, and assess your risk exposure and match it with the right tools for your platform.  We also work with RegTech companies that facilitate specific components of regulatory compliance across industries, and integrate them for a holistic risk-based approach that can meet all your needs.  This way, we help enhance transparency and consistency, as well as standardize AML & KYC processes, in order to deliver sound interpretations of ambiguous regulations.  


We can help you automate your regulatory compliance with the following:

  • Identification of risk exposure

  • Customized bundles of solutions to meet your regulatory obligations

  • Screening of individuals and entities

  • Transaction monitoring

  • Payment screening


How does it work?

We will assess your risk exposure and offer customized advisory and next-generation technology to meet your needs.  We direct you toward technologies that are specifically designed for your operations.  Our Subject Matter Expertise encompasses the entire spectrum of financial crime and can help you integrate technologies and set adequate calibrations.  That way we can offer you a menu of solutions that together can meet all your financial crime challenges.


We can also provide temporary staffing in the following cases:

  • Need for expertise in short term projects

  • Need for interim assistance for key staff and management

  • Workload increases that staff cannot manage


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