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What is it?

Compliance As a Service (CaaS) is a monthly consulting subscription plan that allows you to plan, prioritize, and execute against strategic compliance projects and technology initiatives without having to permanently increase the size of your team or get budget approval for large lump-sum projects.

How does Compliance as a Service work?

You won't be limited to a single expertise unlike traditional staff augmentation or contractor arrangements.

You will be able to access collective knowledge and expertise from the finest industry experts on matters intersecting compliance, regulations, fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and regulatory technology solutions.

This innovative approach to compliance consulting services allows you the flexibility to adjust the skills on your team as priorities shift within your organization or new project needs arise.

Simply select a plan that fits your budget, and we’ll help you and your team work through your ongoing needs. We can also customize a specific plan working to your specific needs.

The compliance shortage is one of the biggest challenges organizations face today. As compliance requirements become more complex, it is challenging to find qualified candidates at an affordable rate. It takes sometimes up to 6 months and an investment of 15-30% of the right candidate's first-year salary to find them.

From building to scaling, UGR has the right plan for you.