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The fintech industry has seen a huge demand for seamless providers of efficient, safe, and one-click options that deliver a wide array of financial services.  As a fintech company, you may have an awesome product, but you are likely to find that most existing legacy systems for AMK, KYC, and fraud detection are tailored for large traditional banks and do not even address the risks you face because the nature of your operations is different. 

You may have even gone ahead to develop your own financial crime detection or fraud prevention tools in-house. 

If you have a lean startup, you may not have the internal capabilities for robust compliance strategy, or for an efficient way to vet clients.  Regardless, we can help you adopt a holistic risk-based approach through customized subject matter advisory and complementing technology tailored to meet your needs. 

If you’re part of a lean team, you may need some help to tackle compliance, due diligence processes, and AML/KYC requirements

We can help you set the right measures, so you can easily enjoy the benefits of:

  • A stamp of legitimacy to your project or endeavor and its participants, to be shown to regulators and banks

  • Avoiding the headache of being investigated by authorities

  • Reaching a larger global audience with the right controls in place





Payment Providers

We help payments companies ensure the fund flows across their platform do not represent illegal activity or originate from illegal sources.  It is important to screen existing and new onboarding customers, as well as monitor the payment flow, which our advisory services and regtech tools specialize in.  We can also help you establish a robust compliance program and ensure the right safeguards, tailored to your operations.  If you offer complementary services such as cloud services, or banking, debt collection, or credit services, we can equip you with measures to mitigate financial crime risk across the entire spectrum of what you provide.


If you operate a global payments platform that serves small, medium, or large enterprises, you probably manage infrastructure across countries and currencies, and you may be exposed to specific geographical or industry risks that we can help you take preventive measures for.  Whether you focus on brick-and-mortar merchants or online business payments; whether you serve e-commerce, mobile, point-of-sale channels, or all of them combined, our resources can ensure you keep fraudsters at bay.  That way you can focus on making your product seamless, and we’ll focus on making it safe.





Online Lenders

We help online lenders follow compliant procedures and ensure that users of their platform are not involved in illegal activities.  If you’re providing debt to small businesses, facilitating peer-to-peer lending, or offering credit cards, you want to focus on serving legitimate businesses and individuals that will not misuse your services. 

Our subject matter expertise can ensure the right strategies to take, and our regtech tools can greatly simplify your onboarding process and monitoring of activity.  You may even offer complementary services like personal finance, alternative investment services, credit reporting, financial education, or even incentives to responsible financial behavior.  We can assess all of these activities and provide the right risk-based approach tailored to what you do.


Money Transfer Businesses

We help digital money transfer businesses stay safe for their users.  Whether you operate on a cloud or use distributed ledger technology, we can help you manage your geographic and industry risk exposure, with strategies tailored to the nature of your operations.  You may be serving customers who send funds across countries, or companies managing cross-border payments.  You may operate on mobile-based technologies that also provide spending and foreign exchange services.  Our subject matter advisory can help you delineate programs for an overall risk-based approach, with adequate procedures to keep you out of trouble and regulatory scrutiny. 

We can add regtech tools to monitor fund flows, as well as screen individuals and businesses, so you cover all your bases in terms of financial crime risk.




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