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Why Regulation is the Best Thing for Crypto

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

By Peter Lin

When we hear about holders of crypto being tracked down by the Internal Revenue Service, or that imprisonment is being considered for anyone using crypto in India, it conjures up a disconcerting image of what regulation might entail. 

It’s part of crypto’s DNA to be unregulated, some might say. It falls outside the scope of government and should remain so for all the reasons it was created in the first place.

But if crypto is the future and there are valid concerns, then surely these should be addressed. If we want crypto to be accepted and become part of our everyday lives, then we need to engage in the debate and embrace reasonable and responsible regulation.Even the most devout supporters, who wish nothing more than to see crypto succeed on a mass scale, could agree that the growth of this industry depends, in part, on the establishment of safe, fair and reliable market conditions. 

Presently, the regulatory climate is still uncertain and fragmented across jurisdictions. However, recent developments seem to suggest that we find ourselves at a turning point. The contours of a global regulatory framework are coming into focus, and we should welcome it.  


Source: Cointelgraph

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